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Each year, numerous fires are attributed to electrical fault. Electrical cables and switches are only checked visually or are never checked since operation started. In 2014, 799 fires were caused by general electric fault according to Hong Kong Fire Services Department.

No electrical system is 100% efficient. Current flowing through an electrical system will generate a small amount of heat because of electrical resistance. With time the components and contact surfaces of the electrical system will begin to deteriorate. With the deterioration comes increased resistance and with resistance, increased heat. This course will continue until eventual failure.

Infrared thermography is an effective predictive maintenance technology to quickly, accurately and safely locate problems prior to failure. Inspections can be safely performed while electrical systems are under load. Common electrical inspection targets are switchgear, breakers, fuses, electrical panels, and bolted connections.

Our risk consulting engineers provide infrared engineering risk consulting service with dynamic equipment, like the infrared camera for inspections.