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In Hong Kong, corporations explore various business opportunities. However, opportunities are not risk-free; companies able to manage risks have a better chance to achieve. One critical self-question: Does your corporation understand all the risks associated with your business? As without correct understanding, you can never manage the "unknown" risk.

At TMF(HK), our risk consulting team consists of members with extensive background in risk management and loss prevention services, who obtained hands-on experience in property, casualty, infrared and cargo engineering. While other risk consulting areas such as external fire, tropical storm, flooding and lightning are also available on request.

Working as a partner with you, we will first identify risk exposures in terms of likelihood and severity. We will then develop solutions to control or mitigate the risks at a tolerable or acceptable level. For all cases, both cost-effectiveness and efficiencies will never be neglected when formulating solutions.

Our services can assist you to identify your corporate weakness at workplace and work process.