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Company Philosophy
To be a Good Company
Corporate Social Responsibility
Tokio Marine Group
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With "Customer Trust" as the foundation of all business activities, we continually strive to secure long-term and broad relationships with customers through a "Risk Solution Partner" approach.

We, TMF(HK), will:

  • As a risk solution partner of our valued customers, provide best quality products and services to ensure their safety and security.
  • As a good corporate citizen, contribute to the economy and society of Hong Kong.
We, TMF(HK), will be a reputable insurance company:

  • Continuously chosen and supported by our valued customers and business partners, as a provider of the best products and services.
  • At the 1st tier in Hong Kong insurance market.
  • With fair and open corporate culture and high respect from Hong Kong society, where every employee works with pride.
  • "Customer trust" orientated
  • Best quality products and services
  • Transparency of management and compliance
  • Recognition of professionalism
  • Fair HR policies
  • Free and open communication
  • Initiative, innovative and challenging spirit